Justiss Rides Again. In Five Points. On Wednesday.

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Alan Justiss, the perennial story book poet is miraculously reading his vintage beat Poetry in Jacksonville again. The very paragon of the Beat movement, and former travelling partner of Charles Bukowski has been a fixture and guiding light of the boho poetry set for the past 20 years at least. Resembling Methuselah the Poet, after being dehydrated and infused with Pemmican flavoring, Justiss is back up to his surprisingly non cynical poetical insights on Wednesday Nights at the Five Points Cafe on Lomax.

Attending the reading is one of the classic experiences of the Five Points neighborhood.

Likely attendees are the longtime members of Alan Justiss's court:

Folio writer, Shelton Hull.  (and this week former Folio writer and present member of Black Kids, Owen Holmes showed up for Justiss as well)

Diogenes, the Dog, Daniel the Love Poet and many of the other pillars of Jax Poetry are all back in the hood.

The Cafe is perfectly quirky and laid back.  It's on Lomax Street across from Subway and next door to Steamworks.

The place is open until 3am and they serve everything from perfectly pulled espresso to Vietnamese coffee (a personal favorite...it rocks to find it correctly made in Jacksonville)

The reading is an open sign up and begins at about 8 and goes to about 10.

Totally worthwhile, and seeing Justiss is something that it would be absurd to miss if you actually live in Jacksonville.