Steph Says: Puerto Plata!

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The lovely Steph Bewley brings us her latest restaurant review. By popular demand through a reader's poll, Steph checks out Puerto Plata in Ortega.

Myself and some friends headed out to Puerto Plata on a typical hot, steamy Thursday evening in Jax and started off with some delicious Sangria ($3.50 per glass). It was sweet, but not too sweet, with a nice kick to it. The only thing that would have made it better, is if they scooped some fresh fruit into each glass.

Yours Truly being goofy

We opted to share a couple of appetizers. We ordered the Tostones ($2.25) which are fried green plantains served with a tasty garlic sauce and an Empanada De Pollo ($2.75). The Empanada is a fried pastry turnover filled with shredded chicken and veggies and is also available in beef. The plantains were hot, fresh and plentiful. The Empanada was a bit on the dry side, but nothing an extra side of garlic sauce couldn't cure.

After appetizers, we were ready for them to bring on the entrees! Most dinners come with a small tossed salad with house dressing (garlicy Italian-style vinaigrette) and your choice of yellow or white rice and red or black beans. We ordered the Pernil ($8.95 Roast Pork), Camarones Al Ajillo ($10.95 Garlic Shrimp) and the Ceviche con Tostones ($10.95 Shrimp marinated in citrus juice with diced onions, tomatoes and spices and served with fried green plantains).


Camarones Al Ajillo

Ceviche con Tostones

The pork was tender and flaky and topped with sautéed onions. I ordered the Camarones Al Ajillo (Garlic Shrimp) and was pleased. I really enjoyed both the garlic sauce on the shrimp and the yellow rice. I can see how some people might expect larger and more plentiful shrimp, but I felt the portions were fair for the price. The citrus marinade on the Ceviche was refreshing and a nice compliment to the shrimp.

All in all, we enjoyed our meal. The atmosphere is comfortable and great for families. The service, while I won't rave on and on about it, was decent.

Next time I go back, I'm trying the Cuban Sandwich or the Chivo (Goat Stew) for something different!

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