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This weekend, Players by the Sea opens Batboy!,the offbeat musical inspired by Florida's most notorious newspaper, The Weekly World News ( . Batboy! is a kooky romp with surprising performances by some of Jacksonville's best loved musical theatre stars.

  Director Shirly Sacks has put on the only show that might compete with Rocky Horror  for the most over the top theater performance of this season. got the pleasure of previewing the show and was pleasantly surprised by the performance.

  It is everything that one might expect from a musical based on a vampiric half bat boy discovered in the coal mines of West Virginia, as chronicled by Americas most outrageous supermarket tabloid.

  However this production is so packed with vocal and dance talent (as well as Monty Pythonesque  breaks into completely unexpected territory) that its an actually enjoyable romp with moments that cross back and forth between creepy, hilarious and scandalously titillating.

  We predict audiences are going to LOVE Lee Hamby in his various roles as white trash matriarch, Tent Revivalist, and mulletwearing redneck.

  The showstopping forest sex scene (complete with fantasy fur, cartoon animals, and an all-singing, all-dancing Pan  ) we guarantee will be a total departure from the normal predictable community theatre of seasons past.

  The production team has gone out their way to make the set among the coolest that has ever been designed for Batboy anywhere, and the cast (Josh Waller, Miranda Lawson, Staci Cobb, Bill Ratliff, Michael Lipp, Russell Hainline, Maya Adkins, Lee Hamby, Julian Goldhagen, Josh Cohen, Renee Freeman, Tracy Olin, Rachel Hineman, Sam Willis and Tyler Ross) is one of the strongest vocal ensembles in recent history.

  Also look for stand out choreography from Niki Stokes, and Sam Willis.  This is apparently the season for great dance and choreography and these two have done a brilliant job in keeping the stage movement engaging and lush.











gitmo batboy 


Fantasy forest dance/sex scene.  The Greek demigod Pan is your host! 

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