Mark Rimmer Update!

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Find out the surprising truth about the man who demands more and quicker meter fines on customers! As our post of a few days ago noted, Mark Rimmer sent out an email to a great number of downtown entities regarding the new proposal by the Downtown Implementation Committees recommendation to relax parking rules to spur more customers downtown. See a partial list of those mailed and the letter itself here (

While there was some question at the time as to why Mr. Rimmer had emailed to such seemingly unconnected groups as Parking Lot Managers and Downtown Vision employees, the mystery was cleared up with a google search. There are over thirty listings on google with Mark Rimmer and Jacksonville.

All of them list Mark Rimmer as an employee of DVI.

The following link is typical…12/story3.html
 A simple perusal of his proposals leaves the reader with some confusion. You see, Mr. Rimmer is often described as a consultant to Downtown Vision. (althought there is no listing as to his degree in traffic engineering or for that matter retail management or Urban redevelopment) The gist of Mr. Rimmer’s ideas are nearly identical to what has been proposed at the committee meetings.

In fact, his job at Downtown Vision is (or perhaps was) to coordinate a one stop liason between employees downtown and where to park.

This is precisely what the Implementation has recommended that DVI do: take over the administration of the parking and serve as parking facilitators to remove the negativity of the encounters which the current system intentionally creates.

Why would Mr. Rimmer, a Downtown Vision Coordinator write an email criticizing a proposal which makes it easier to draw customers downtown on the basis that it would negatively affect parking lot profits?

Stay tuned.