7 Unique Jax Dining Experiences

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Looking for a unique Jacksonville experience to be served with your meal? Here's seven local eateries worth considering.

5. Andy's Farmers Market Grill

Dating back to 1938, the Jacksonville Farmers Market is North Florida’s largest and oldest farmers market featuring over 100+ farmers/vendors selling retail and wholesale items. Andy's Farmers Market Grill is situated in the center of this scene where seasonal, ethnic, organic, specialty, and unique products arrive fresh daily.

The owner of the joint is Andy Akle, who opened it up in 2010 to serve breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday. The location for this place is good, as it’s close to fresh products and a convenient lunch stop for blue collars in the area.

Their menu is large, but simple. Breakfast offers a multitude of sandwiches, egg specials, pancakes, waffles, and sides. Lunch brings sandwiches too, both hot and cold, as well as burgers, grilled items, fries, desserts and a Jacksonville classic, the Camel Rider. The coleslaw, sweet tea and limeade are highly reputable, too.

Images courtesy of Jacksonville Farmers Market.

Andy’s is located at 1810 W Beaver St. For hours and menu, visit: https://www.facebook.com/Andys-Farmers-Market-Grill-454930244529319/

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