7 Unique Jax Dining Experiences

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Looking for a unique Jacksonville experience to be served with your meal? Here's seven local eateries worth considering.

2. The French Pantry

The French Pantry is the one place on this list that you would never think was a restaurant from looking at it from the outside. It looks industrial because it's actually a commercial bakery. Dating back to the mid-1990s, the French Pantry produces baked goods for hotels and restaurants, including Ruth Chris Steak House, The Lodge & Club in Ponte Vedra, Taverna San Marco, bb's, Biscotti’s, and Restaurant Orsay.
Food being served at the bakery was initially added to cater to students at nearby Wolfson High School. Today, this local institution is so popular at lunch, it's not uncommon for lines to stretch outside of the building. The French Pantry is open for lunch Monday through Friday. Their menu generally includes sandwiches, bruschetta, fresh baked pastries, and desserts. Selections include a shrimp, artichoke, and goat cheese bruschetta; a panino with buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto, and sun-dried tomato mayo; and a French dip with roast beef and brie.  

Images courtesy of The French Pantry

The French Pantry is located at 6301 Powers Avenue. For more information, visit: https://www.facebook.com/The-French-Pantry-140349772669219/

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