7 Unique Jax Dining Experiences

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Looking for a unique Jacksonville experience to be served with your meal? Here's seven local eateries worth considering.

4. Safe Harbor Seafood Market and Restaurant

Many people identify Safe Harbor Seafood as a popular eatery along the St. Johns River in Mayport. The restaurant is a family business, owned and operated by Gerald Pack. Safe Harbor is a casual eatery, with lots of open-air, outdoor seating for people to enjoy views of the river and the boats coming in. Their menu offers just about every seafood dish you could imagine, from shrimp baskets, to crab cake melts, po’boys, blackened fish salads, and shrimp nachos.

What makes the dining experience neat, though, is that Safe Harbor is more than just a restaurant—it’s also a seafood market and Mayport's last seafood processing plant. Guests and locals alike can purchase fresh caught seafood here, and fisherman can stop to drop of their catch of the day and fuel up their boats.

Images courtesy of Safe Harbor.

Safe Harbor is located at 4378 Ocean Street. For more information, you can visit: http://www.safeharborseafoodmayport.com/

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