6 Impressive Restaurants Opening Downtown

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Downtown Jacksonville is in the midst of a culinary boom. Here's six impressive restaurants that will be opening over the next few months.

5. Hobnob Restaurant

Hobnob Restaurant is the conjoint effort of the partners behind another famous Downtown favorite—Candy Apple Café & Cocktails. Husband and wife, Allan and Ellen Cottrill, as well as Liz Ernest, and her daughter, imagine Hobnob as someplace to do exactly that. The restaurant will be themed around good food, social interaction, and interaction with the chefs themselves. Hobnob anticipates monthly events, such as a five-course, small plate dinner experience, as well as restaurant-wide champagne toasts every Friday afternoon.

Hobnob is one of three restaurants joining the space at 220 Riverside, with the hopes of creating a “trio” effect for a great dinner experience. The 4,560 square-foot restaurant is scheduled to open later this fall. It will employ nearly 70 people, with seating available for up to 200.

For information and updates, visit: https://www.facebook.com/HobnobJax/

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