6 Impressive Restaurants Opening Downtown

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Downtown Jacksonville is in the midst of a culinary boom. Here's six impressive restaurants that will be opening over the next few months.

2. Brixx Wood Fired Pizza

Courtesy of http://ashevillealetrail.com/brixx-pizza/#.Vkivj3arRhE

Brixx Wood Fired Pizza, a Charlotte-based franchise, is expanding its business to Florida, with Jacksonville acting as its first site. The restaurant will be located on the first floor of 220 Riverside, occupying approximately 3,714 square-feet of space, including a 1,400 square-foot patio.

When Brixx decided to move to Jacksonville, they hired Franklin Street’s Carrie Smith and Kathy Figg to help bring the deal together. The Franklin Street team was used to help the Brixx brand get a better understanding of the area, understand the market, and scout a location. While Franklin Street helped the deal fall in to place, Juna Partners LLC is the franchise that represents the new Brixx, and Lora Ramsey,  is the principal representative.

The company signed a ten year lease for their new Brooklyn location, but they also hope to branch out far beyond that, with a model projecting over 30 Brixx restaurants to open across the Southeast. Their Brooklyn location is likely to open in the summer of 2016. They will feature a menu with high-quality food, wines, and craft beers.

For information and updates, visit: http://brixxpizza.com/

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