6 Impressive Restaurants Opening Downtown

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Downtown Jacksonville is in the midst of a culinary boom. Here's six impressive restaurants that will be opening over the next few months.

3.  Cowford Chop House

The old Bostwick Building (often reffered to as the ‘Jaguar Building’) off of Bay Street is being renovated for use by a new restaurant—Cowford Chop House. The Downtown Investment Authority gave Cowford Chop House a $500,000 grant, as well as a $250,000 loan, to help with the restoration and renovation costs for this once historic landmark.

Construction began in May of this year. Most of the interior has been demolished, while the brick exterior has been reinforced with supports. The iconic Jaguar mural was removed, but is intended to be reinstalled when the project is nearly completed. Cowford Chop House also intended to repurpose a lot of the building’s original lumber.

The restaurant is projected to open next summer if everything goes to plan.  The final product will be a 2 story restaurant, with a main dining room and a rooftop lounge.
For information and updates, visit: http://www.cowfordchophouse.com/

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