6 More Unique Products Made In Jax

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Jacksonville's manufacturing scene is a Florida anomaly. Jacksonville is home to several manufacturers making products that one may not expect to find in the area. Here's a few.


RockTenn is a leading manufacturer in the US for corrugate and consumer packaging, as well as recycling operations. The company is based in Georgia; however, they have operations all over the US, as well as Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and China.
Their mill in Jacksonville began under the name St. Regis Paper Mill, which opened up in the 1950's. This was a kraft paper and linerboard mill that produced over 300 tons of paper a day. Like many of St. Regis’s mills, this one was available by both rail and water transportation.

The name was changed to the Jacksonville Kraft Paper Company, who ran it until the 1980's. The mill was shut down as a result of the economy. However, in 1986, the mill was purchased by the Stone Container Corporation, who formed a joint venture with the Seminole Kraft Group, and reopened. Stone Container Corporation’s purchase of the Jacksonville mill increased the capacity of the company’s control by about 15% and added additional products to their production line. They renovated the mill to accompany 100,000 tons a day of linerboard paper production. They also implemented new manufacturing methods, to produce recycled linerboard.
Today, the mill is owned by RockTenn, who purchased it from Smurfit Stone in 2011. This mill is the only remaining, operating mill in Jacksonville today and now runs fully on recycled operations.

An aerial view of the St. Regis Paper Company paper mill in 1956. This mill is now operated by Rock Tenn. Image courtesy of State Archives of Florida.

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