6 More Unique Products Made In Jax

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Jacksonville's manufacturing scene is a Florida anomaly. Jacksonville is home to several manufacturers making products that one may not expect to find in the area. Here's a few.

3.SAFT America Inc.

SAFT was founded in 1913 by Swiss engineer Victor Herald. At the time, the company was known by the acronym (SIAA), but changed its name to SAFT in 1918 when production started. The creation of the subsidiary we know, SAFT American Inc., came in 1955 as SAFT continued to expand.

SAFT us the world’s leader in designing and manufacturing advanced battery technology for industrial use. They have over 30 sales offices in 5 different continents, nearly 150 different patent families, and last year alone? They did $700 million in sales. SAFT’s products have a reputation for being widely reliable, safe, cost-efficient, and respectful of the environment. These products include: industrial batteries, nickel rechargeable batteries for industry and transport, and specialty batteries, lithium and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for storage systems.
SAFT America Inc. is located at 13575 Waterworks St.

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