6 More Unique Products Made In Jax

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Jacksonville's manufacturing scene is a Florida anomaly. Jacksonville is home to several manufacturers making products that one may not expect to find in the area. Here's a few.

2.Safariland Group (Armor Holdings, Inc.)

Safariland Group, formerly a division if BAE systems, is a design and manufacturing company for sporting, military, law enforcement, and public safety equipment.  The company was founded in California by Neale Perkins in 1964. Perkins got the idea for the company after his father asked him to make a custom gun holster. That single gun holster would multiply to 5000 gun holsters after just a few months of being open for production.

Over 50 years later, Safariland still produces these holsters. Of course, they’ve also added several brands to their company, as well as types of equipment, since then. Brands of Safariland include ABA Body Armor, Brakfree, Casco, and Mustang Survival Nik. Products produced by Safariland include holsters and gear, body armor, gloves, forensic equipment.

Safariland continues to design, engineer, and research new ways to design and create better, more effective equipment. Their company has a “Saves Club,” which chronicles lives saved in part from using Safariland equipment. The number totals nearly 2000.  

Safariland is located at 13386 International Pkwy.

Courtesy of www.bodyarmornews.com

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