5 Cool New Places to Live Downtown

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5 more interesting places to live that are either under construction or proposed for downtown Jacksonville.

5. Union House

While the Union Terminal Warehouse is already fairly occupied, if Reed Realty’s plans manifest, the building will be repurposed. Reed Realty is under contract for the structure, with the idea to turn it in to a 260-unit “live-work” facility.

Because of the location, the complex will be known as “Union House.” Union House will be live-in units that have tenant-collaboration rooms. It will also have event spaces, a ‘rooftop’ commons, and an accompanying kitchen and market in the next building over.

The building was purchased by Reed Realty for $4 million, but another $20 million or so will be needed from state and federal sources. Bryan Pereboom is the principal of Reed Realty working on the project. No date for completion has been specified.

Article by Kristen Pickrell

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