5 Cool New Places to Live Downtown

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5 more interesting places to live that are either under construction or proposed for downtown Jacksonville.

3. Houston Street Manor

Houston Street Manor will be living community for senior citizens in the area. This project has been proposed by Beneficial Communities, LLC, which is an affordable homes developer, who specializes in senior living. Also on the project is Forum Architecture & Interior Design, a firm whose focus is residential homes, club houses, and hospitality.
Houston Street Manor will be a 7-story structure, with 2 stories serving as a parking garage. They hope to house more than 70 residents, offering both 1- and 2-bedroom selections. Upper stories will have a great view of the river, while the lower stories will enjoy the city scape. Amenities for this complex include a library, a game room, and a gym.
The property is located within the Central Business District off of Houston Street. The lot is currently a vacant field, with no major threats to accessibility of the surrounding area. This location will enable Houston Street Manor to revitalize the Central Civic Core District, as well as boost the economy. Additionally, it will give senior citizens a place to live with limited residents that is close to city amenities.  This project is anticipated to be completed in 2017.

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