5 Cool New Places to Live Downtown

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5 more interesting places to live that are either under construction or proposed for downtown Jacksonville.

2. Elena Flats

The Elena Flats building is a structure that has been standing since its construction in 1909, shortly after the Great Fire. During its time, this residential structure helped to fuel economic growth in Jacksonville, helping the urban core to reconstruct itself after all the destruction caused by the fire.
FOr years, it was an empty building falling apart. Recently, local resident JoAnn Tredennick and her husband, Jack Meeks, decided to purchase the structure. Both Meeks and Tredennick have been responsible for several restoration projects in Springfield including: Carlton Apartments, the Powell Apartments, the Townhouse Apartments, an office suite on Walnut Street, and the Meeks Professional Building. Meeks has said that they do not plan on asking for any city incentives for Elena Flats. He and Tredennick are going to follow the same model they’ve used in Springfield to restore their previous projects.
The building, located at 122 E. Duval, is in the “Cathedral District,” just a few blocks from “The Elbow.” Meeks and Tredennick intend to transform the structure into a small residential complex, with the help of architects Bill and Melody Bishop. They anticipate Elena Flats to have four “luxury apartments.” Each would be about 1,700 square feet. The front and back of the house will have ground-floor and second-floor porches. The apartments will have 10-foot-high ceilings. Monthly rent would be in the range of $2,500.They hope to welcome tenants by spring 2017.

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