Jacksonville Restaurants: Hole In The Wall, Part 10

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6 More Jacksonville "Hole in the Wall" Restaurants to try.

Ceviche Jax

A hole in the wall in that it's obscure and located a bit off of Atlantic Blvd. In terms of pricing; however, this spot may put a hole in your wallet. I think for lunch I ended up paying close to $17 (including tip) for one meal and no drinks.

The atmosphere is a bit much. A toned down Miami beach club vibe. Well, maybe that's overstating. It was the overly blue lighting. It was distracting.

The food is lovely. Every bite is refreshing.  Citrus. Onion. Cilantro.

The server went into incredible detail as to how the ceviche is prepared. All I remember is something about how the fish does not necessarily sit in the "marinade"; instead, it's repeatedly washed over the ingredients.

I ate my meal with a sense of excitement and dread, each bite meant less food on my plate.

27 Seminole Rd
Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

Phone number (904) 853-5497

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