Jacksonville Restaurants: Hole In The Wall, Part 10

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6 More Jacksonville "Hole in the Wall" Restaurants to try.

Famous Oriental Bar-B-Q Sticks

If Arby's did Filipino food this place would be the spot. It's not amazing. It's not terrible. It's kinda, whatever.

We'll just go along with calling some of the ground items "meat".  They were reminiscent of public school cafeteria food in the 1980s (which is better than what you get in school cafeteria's today, for sure).

The meat sticks were covered in so much sweet sauce that it felt like they were hiding something, like their hopes and dreams. The lumpia was almost amazing. The wraps were perfectly fried but the interior stuff was banal. uneventful. discouraging.

The draw; however, is the CHEAP factor. And, after a spending some time at the beach ordering some food from a  colorful"hut", with only outdoor seating is not a bad way to finish the day. I'm happy it's here and maybe they have other food items that are better than what is on their version of "dollar menu items".

This review from Yelp better explains anything I could say.

120 Lemon St Neptune Beach, FL 32266 (Behind Pete's Bar)
Neptune Beach, FL 32266

Phone number (904) 853-5497

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