7 Burgeoning Trends of Jacksonville Dining

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From EUJacksonville: When it comes to food, some trends go beyond being just “trendy.” These so-called trends actually develop and expand the fabric of our food scene into something better. Written by Jennifer Earnest AND Christopher Irvin.

More Korean, More Ethnic, More Cultural Mashups

Our town, being a melting pot of nationalities, is chock full of some great ethnic cuisine. Korean, Vietnamese, and specifically, Ramen, are “in” foods right now.

For some time now, the adventurous diner has embraced the myriad of ethnic dining that Jacksonville has to offer. Vietnamese Cuisine has definitely been a very popular dining destination as of the past few years. Downtown has recently been diagnosed with newcomer Pho Fever. Westside has always had a good time at Saigon Time. Southside has treasured the popular Bowl of Pho and P.K. Noodles, and now has a new option with Pho Today.

Exploring diners have found some of Jacksonville’s best Korean joints nestled in the Beach and University neighborhood. They offer authentic and spicy flavors and a chance to try something you probably have never tasted. If its authentic Chinese food you’re after, Chef Chan’s of Baymeadows serves up a seemingly endless menu of classic dishes. Chan’s is also a perfect spot (and one of the few we found) to indulge in some Ramen noodles, prepared in several flavorful soups.

Really daring diners have found hole-in-the-wall restaurants such as Nile Ethiopian. We use this term endearingly, as the food always seems to amaze us at these said ‘holes.’ Nile is hidden down Old St. Augustine road, not far down from the ever-popular French Pantry.

Over the coming year we see ethnic foods becoming more readily available outside of their ethnic niches. Expect to see Asian influences in non-Asian settings and lots of cultural mashups. For example, when we visited Corner Taco we enjoyed the Korean Duck Asada taco. Further examples are the Asian Burger from M-Shack (with spicy coleslaw and Hoisin BBQ glaze), the chocolate curry latte from Bold Bean, and the Thai Dye Pizza from Mellow Mushroom, but all are just the tip of the iceberg.

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