Interview with the owners of Kabob-e

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Eat Drink Jax interviews Makial Anwar, co-owner of Kabob-e.

17. For a first time visitor to Kabob-e, what would you recommend to get a sense of what Afghani cooking is all about?

To get a good sense of Afghani food I would recommend getting one of the kabob platters along with one of the stews - say the potato or spinach stew along with Afghani salata, which means salad in Farsi.  Place them all on the rice platter and take spoonfuls of the rice, kabob, stew and salata. That is typical Afghan food. You can also get Banjan and just eat that with your hands by using the pita bread to scoop the Banjan into your mouth. Another option is to order the Ashak, which is a dumpling filled with scallions and topped with korma sauce. You eat Ashak with a fork and follow each bite with a piece of pita bread. You can also order Bolanee and dip it into our yogurt sauce. These are a few suggestions.

18. What would you consider to be your specialty or signature item that sets you apart?

I'd consider our white sauce to be one of our signature items. It can be used on top of rice, kabobs, stews, salads and gyros. We use it for a salad dressing and in many of our dishes. For example, it's what makes our gyro special. Our white sauce is very unique and you can't find it anywhere around Florida. It's different from a tzatziki sauce - it's not as thick and strong. It is tasty, light and tangy. It's made fresh in house by using sour cream, mayonnaise, vinegar and special spices.  

19. Are there any dishes that you know are really good, but are harder to get people to try?

Yes, our Bolanee Gandana and our meal size Ashak are hidden treasures that people do not know much about. The Bolanees are addictive. Egg roll like skins are used and filled with either scallions or seasoned mashed potatoes. They are then fried and served with yogurt sauce. People order the Bolanee Kachalou but we added the Bolanee Gandana  later and it is really awesome. The Ashak is a steamed dumpling filled with scallions and topped with a yogurt and meat sauce. I think people will be wowed by the taste of both.

20. Do you also have vegetarian options?

They are many options for vegetarians such as Bolanee Gandana, Bolanee Kachalou, Banjan, Ashak - if you ask not to have meat sauce placed on it, mozzarella sticks, french fries, Afghani traditional Salata, house salad, Caesar salad, Greek salad, the different rice options, all the stews, hummus, falafel, and the desserts.

21. What’s your favorite item?

There are so many, I don’t know which one to mention! The gyro platter, Qahbulli Palow, Ashak, Chappli Kabob, and Bolanee Gandana to name a few.

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