Interview with the owners of Kabob-e

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Eat Drink Jax interviews Makial Anwar, co-owner of Kabob-e.

13. What is a Sambosa?

Sambosas are made using won ton skins that are filled with spiced ground beef and lentils, then closed like a turnover and fried.

14. What is Sabzi?

Sabzi translates to mean spinach. Our Sabzi Korma is a stew made with spinach.


15. What is Banjan?

Banjan means eggplant. We use slices of fresh eggplant daily. We take the slices and fry them. Then we put the slices in a pan and cover them with specially prepared tomato sauce and shredded slices of different colored bell peppers before letting it all bake in the oven. When it comes out we put our special white sauce over it.

16. Is Afghani food typically served inside a pita or wrap, sandwich style?

No. Most Afghani foods come in a platter style. The gyros and sandwiches we serve are modified to suit the audience of Kabob-e. Many people like rice as a base, others like a sandwich or salad form. So we made our menu to satisfy all of our audience.

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