Interview with the owners of Kabob-e

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Eat Drink Jax interviews Makial Anwar, co-owner of Kabob-e.

7. Can you tell us about Halal meat? What exactly is it?

Anytime you see Halal, you know that you are getting great quality meat. When meat has a Halal certification it means that the life cycle of the animal from birth to death is observed to make sure it conforms to strict guidelines. The animal must be treated well, fed a healthy diet and not be subjected to cruelty. During the slaughter each animal is individually killed, not in an assembly line. It is slaughtered in a way that is fast and causes the least amount of pain to the animal. The majority of the blood is drained to reduce the amount of bacteria in the blood. Overall it is more expensive, but healthier.

8. Does Halal meat taste differently?

It does. Many of our customers tell us they've never had anything like it before. They are usually referring to both the Halal meat and the fact that we use more lamb than beef in the shish kabobs, giving them a unique taste.

Qahbulli Palow rice

9. Is the Qahbulli Palow rice normally served as a side, or a dish on its own?

It certainly is tasty enough to eat alone and be happy. Traditionally though Qahbulli Palow is eaten with some kind of korma.

10. What is Korma?

Korma means stew. Stews are very common in Afghanistan. Rice and korma are almost always served at the dinner table. Stews are usually made by sauteeing and caramelizing onions, then adding tomato sauce, spices and your main ingredient that can be just about anything. Which spices are used will depend on what you're making. The most common spices we use are cumin, coriander, and turmeric along with the basic salt, pepper and garlic.

Chick Pea Korma

11. Do you put the Kormas on top of the rice, or are they eaten separately?

Either way, but kormas are normally eaten along with rice or bread. The best way to eat korma alone is to put green chutney on it and use some pita bread to scoop it into your mouth.

12. What is Kufta?

Kufta means broiled ground beef marinated in fresh herbs and spices. It is rolled around a shish kabob stick and grilled.

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