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Top 25 Metro Jacksonville Articles of 2015

Metro Jacksonville has covered a lot of ground in 2015. Today we take a look at the 25 most popular articles of the year, ranked by number of views.

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Jaguars fall to Titans in shootout

Metro Jacksonville's Kristen Pickrell takes a look at the Jacksonville Jaguars' loss to the Tennessee Titans.

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Grand Dragon: KKK Fliers Intended for Recruitment

From Fliers promoting Ku Klux Klan distributed around town have groups worried.

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News4Jax: STEM Education

Kent Justice speaks with his guest about STEM education in Duval.

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Pop-Up History: The History of Beer in Jax

Did you know the 6-pack was invented in Jacksonville? Learn about this story and more tonight, as Jax Pop Up History returns to tell the History of Beer in Jacksonville.

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Arash Kamiar: Interview with John Rutherford

Former sheriff of Jacksonville, John Rutherford, discusses a range of local, state and national issues.

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