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40 Places Code Enforcement Wants to Demolish

Recently, the Jacksonville City Council passed a bill that allows demolitions just because a structure is vacant, boarded, has unpaid code liens or without power for two years. Naturally, Municipal Code Compliance has wasted no time getting the demolition process started. Bidding for the demolition of...

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News4Jax: Jacksonville Mayoral Race Heats-Up

Kent Justice of Channel 4 interviews Mayor Alvin Brown, Bill Bishop and Lenny Curry.

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Jacksonville Not So Good For Valentine's Day

To give celebrants a sense of the Day of Hearts deal they’re getting compared with the rest of the country, WalletHub examined 100 of the most populated cities across 15 key metrics. The data set includes such measures as restaurant meal costs, the number of attractions and the number of florists per...

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Jax Young Voters Coalition Brings Together Diverse

Nonpartisan coalition aims to increase turnout among Jacksonville voters age 18 to 40 by five percent.

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Bill Bishop Campaign Requests Apology

I am writing in reference to a distasteful and disturbing show of what I would call a blatant departure from the principles and moral fiber that define our Republican party.

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Top 10 All Time Jags Draft Busts

NFL draft day hasn't been too kind to the Jacksonville Jaguars over the last decade. Here are a few Jags selections taken before NFL stars Aaron Rodgers, Frank Gore, JJ Watt and Troy Polamalu. Today, here's a list of the top 10 all time Jags draft busts.

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16-hour survival swim: 'I shouldn't be here'

Circled by a shark and bitten by a jellyfish, former Miami Dolphins fullback Rob Konrad speaks the public about accidentally falling off his boat and successfully swimming nine miles back to shore.

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Downtown Vision's Terry Lorince Resigns

Downtown Vision, Inc. (DVI) announced today the resignation of executive director Terry Lorince, effective March 2015, or upon the hire of a new executive director.

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Top 25 Metro Jacksonville Articles of 2014

Metro Jacksonville has covered a lot of ground in 2014. Today we take a look at the 25 most popular articles of the year, ranked by number of views.

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