Creating a Timeline: Through Photographs

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While the previous article uses city directories to illustrate the rise and fall of downtown, another effective way to get the point across is the use of historic photographs that correlate with the timeline. The pictures below are intended to give readers a visual image of the rise and fall of downtown Jacksonville from the early 1900's up to the 1970's. (Originally published October 9th, 2006)



1910's - city population: 58,000 

Nine years after the Great Fire of 1901, Main Street became a center of commerce, which lasted for over 60 years.  With coordinated planning, at the expense of taxpayers, we've converted this section of roadway into a one way highway out of town.

1920's - city population: 92,000

The northeast corner of Bay and Hogan Streets in 1925.  During this time period, downtown under went its largest skyscraper boom to date.  In 1926 alone, seven buildings of 10 stories or more were constructed.   However, the Great Despression would bring rapid urban development to an abrupt halt. 

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