The Selected Films of Jax Documentary Film Festival

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The Inaugural Jax Documentary Film Festival, scheduled for April 16 - 17, in Five Points! The two day event hosts dozens of documentary films, sourced from across the globe. Events kick off at the historic Sun-Ray Cinema and Raindogs on Park Street! Check out a list of selected films after the jump!

The Jax Documentary Film Festival is around the corner, April 16 - 17, 2016.

These are the selected films of the inaugural Jax Documentary Film Festival:

Iranian Ninja
This documentary recounts the challenges, difficulties and obstacles for Iranian women that engage in sports "Ninjutsu”, to narrates Iran's first female ninja ”Khatereh Jalilzadeh".

Roll Out, Cowboy
Chris "Sandman" Sand is a rappin' cowboy from Dunn Center, North Dakota (population: 120 and shrinking). He drives a semi, plays the guitar and raps. Sandman looks like Woody Guthrie but sings like LL Cool J. Roll Out, Cowboy follows the 39-year-old country/hip-hop musician as he tours the American West, performing for rural towns who might not have heard live hip-hop before. Sandman's story is the struggle of an artist trying to make a buck. In a tough economy, can your American dream still carry a tune?

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