The Selected Films of Jax Documentary Film Festival

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The Inaugural Jax Documentary Film Festival, scheduled for April 16 - 17, in Five Points! The two day event hosts dozens of documentary films, sourced from across the globe. Events kick off at the historic Sun-Ray Cinema and Raindogs on Park Street! Check out a list of selected films after the jump!

Dog Days
Dog Days is a feature-length documentary about a novice entrepreneur and an immigrant hotdog vendor who, amidst the recession, take a joint leap of faith to keep the American Dream alive.

Like many Americans, Coite lost his job in the economic downturn. A former industrial engineer with no experience in the food industry, he decides to stake his life savings on a new business venture — providing gourmet food to Washington, D.C., street vendors. Dog Days tells the story of his precarious partnership with veteran street vendor Siyone, a former refugee from East Africa, as they push the boundaries of business as usual and embrace new risks. Coite needs Siyone's help to revive an industry threatened by government regulation on the one hand and innovative new competitors on the other; Siyone needs Coite to succeed if she is to attract more customers and provide for her four children.

An inspirational story of perseverance and redemption, Dog Days looks inside the micro-entrepreneurial world of street vending in our nation's capital, and explores how two unlikely business partners navigate the cultural, economic, and regulatory barriers standing in their way.

Children of the Arctic

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