Jacksonville Nightlife Guide: Best Bars and Drinks

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Jacksonville has a nightlife rich with lounges, tiki bars, beer hound taverns and sophisticated whisky dives — something for everyone. If you're looking for somewhere to go next time you hit the town, here are some of the best bars Jacksonville has to offer, as well as their specialties.

The Parlour

Not many people know where to go for this old-school speakeasy, let alone how to get on the list for admittance. While Parlour may not be as secretive as the speakeasies of old, it's still something of an exclusive club. This swanky lounge is known for its dedication to handcrafted cocktails, such as Butterfly Kisses, which combines high-quality vodka, cranberry-hibiscus syrup, lemon juice, demerara syrup and egg white. A side entrance can be found if you know where to look, and there's also a secret entrance from the Grape and Grain Exchange (a reputable bar in its own right), located in the heart of the historic San Marco district. Once you've found your way in, this is a bar you'll want to visit again.

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