Jacksonville Nightlife Guide: Best Bars and Drinks

Jacksonville has a nightlife rich with lounges, tiki bars, beer hound taverns and sophisticated whisky dives — something for everyone. If you're looking for somewhere to go next time you hit the town, here are some of the best bars Jacksonville has to offer, as well as their specialties.

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The Casbah Cafe

This is the place for you if you're a beer hound who likes exotic imports. The beer list has imports from Lebanon, Turkey, the Philippines and many other places. It also features comfortable outdoor seating and belly dancers for entertainment. A diverse menu of foods from around the world pair well with the exotic beers, and it also has a collection of hookahs you can indulge in if you enjoy the occasional smoke. This bar isn't only for beer lovers, though. It also has a full bar, but be sure to expect something out of the ordinary.


Also located in the San Marco neighborhood, Sidecar is a 1920s-inspired establishment. It is commonly thought of as the most sophisticated nightlife location Jacksonville has to offer. With an urban beer garden and a cocktail bar, this place has a drink for everyone. While Sidecar is more elevated than its sister bar, Flask and Cannon, it encourages people to enjoy a community atmosphere while having some of the best drinks in Jacksonville.

Flask and Cannon

Flask and Cannon makes the cut because of its old-time commitment to excellent cocktails that don't break the bank. In an age overwhelmed by sweet rum tinctures, Flask and Cannon winds back the clock and makes wonderful, well-balanced rum cocktails. If you're looking for a sophisticated, yet snob-free cocktail bar on the beach, Flask and Cannon is right for you.

The Parlour

Not many people know where to go for this old-school speakeasy, let alone how to get on the list for admittance. While Parlour may not be as secretive as the speakeasies of old, it's still something of an exclusive club. This swanky lounge is known for its dedication to handcrafted cocktails, such as Butterfly Kisses, which combines high-quality vodka, cranberry-hibiscus syrup, lemon juice, demerara syrup and egg white. A side entrance can be found if you know where to look, and there's also a secret entrance from the Grape and Grain Exchange (a reputable bar in its own right), located in the heart of the historic San Marco district. Once you've found your way in, this is a bar you'll want to visit again.

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Lemon Bar

Lemon Bar is the ocean-side establishment you want to kick off your night. This casual bar is all about tropical cocktails, flip flops and relaxation. It has an informal atmosphere where you'll find delicious foods, like ahi tuna and local Mayport shrimp, as well as delicious drinks, such as the Lemon Bar Freeze, which will cool you off after a long day at the beach. In addition to the great food and drinks, it has a fantastic happy hour and outdoor seating where you can watch the moon rise about 12 miles from downtown Jacksonville.

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