10 Food and Beverage Products Made in Jacksonville

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What does Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, packaged grocery store vegetables, blended coffee beans, fresh bread, candy and sausage links have in common? Other than being edible, their also produced in and distributed from Jacksonville in some level of capacity. Here's the story behind ten sites where this takes place.

6. The French Pantry

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The French Pantry is widely popular in Jacksonville; characterized by the line that always seems to be “out the door.” Not only do they serve lunch, but they are actually a commercial bakery that makes products for hotels and restaurants.

The French Panty was established by Tim and Barbara Felver in 1996, when the couple decided to acquire the struggling St. Johns Bakery from Pete Podes. Podes, the owner of Truffles Coffee House & Bakery in Mandarin, had founded the St. Johns Bakery in a former television warehouse on Powers Avenue in 1993. At the time, Tim Felver was quoted as saying, "There's a definite need for European-style breads and desserts in this town. We're going to eventually get into chocolates and different candies. It's going to be a European-style bakery." The French Pantry's accounts in town include Ruth Chris Steak House, The Lodge & Club in Ponte Vedra, Taverna San Marco, bb's, Biscottis and Restaurant Orsay.

Recently, the Felver’s sold their company to Jacksonville businessman John Valentino. Valentino owns several other Jacksonville restaurants, including Mellow Mushrooms, Burrito Gallery, and Uptown Kitchen & Bar. Valentino promises to maintain the quality of French Pantry’s offerings, and is discussing a second location to open in Riverside.

The French Pantry is located at 6301 Powers Avenue.

Visit their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/The-French-Pantry-140349772669219/

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