10 Food and Beverage Products Made in Jacksonville

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What does Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, packaged grocery store vegetables, blended coffee beans, fresh bread, candy and sausage links have in common? Other than being edible, their also produced in and distributed from Jacksonville in some level of capacity. Here's the story behind ten sites where this takes place.

3. Peterbrooke Chocolatier

Courtesy of Droolius.com

Peterbrooke was founded in 1983 by Phyllis Geiger, in the historic neighborhood of San Marco. Geiger chose the name for her children—named Peter and Brooke. Geiger had European training in the creation of fine chocolates. Something she was passionate about, she wanted to bring back the art of European chocolate making to America.  

Today, seven retail locations serve North Florida. And the company is flourishing -- with additional stores and products on the drawing board. Peterbrooke offers a wide selection of European styled handmade chocolates. They offer traditional favorites like decadent truffles, hand-made, caramels and cherry cordials They also offer specialties such as chocolate covered cookies, pretzels, popcorn and strawberries, all hand-dipped daily.

In 2012, Jacksonville investor Billy Morris bought Peterbrooke. Morris has since relocated the company’s production facilities from San Marco to a former bacon slicing factory in Mixontown. The larger Mixontown location covers almost 28,000 square feet. When the Mixontown move is finally complete, Peterbrooke’s new manufacturing facility will be open to public tours and include a bakery and a factory retail store with an interactive kitchen.

For more information, visit: http://www.peterbrooke.com/

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