The Different Faces of the Jacksonville Shipyards

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For over 140 years, East Bay Street was home to one of the largest shipbuilding operations on the east coast. Since 1992, this site has become known as a field where revitalization dreams come to die a bitter death. Here's a brief look at the site's past, present and possible future.

Seaglass - Killashee Investments, LLC - 2013

In 2013, Jacksonville-based Killashee Investments proposed building an observation deck that would rise 1,000 feet above downtown. According to Killashee, SEAGLASS tower would serve as the city's arrival on the international stage. However, this proposal never gained traction with Jaguars owner Shad Khan rumored as being interested in the property. A few months after their announcement, Killashee moved on to other endeavors.

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