Changing the Urban Landscape in 2015

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In 2014, the redevelopment in and around downtown finally kicked into an extra gear. Looking forward to 2015, here are five projects and points of discussion that have the potential Mayor Alvin Brown would say... "take Jacksonville to the next level".

2. BRT Finally Comes to Jacksonville

Metro Jacksonville is going into its 9th year of existence. It's true but crazy to believe that the Jacksonville Transportation Authority's (JTA) promise of bringing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to town predates us by a least a half decade. Not a subway, light rail, Skyway extension or new river crossing. Instead, the entire 21st century for a bus that will travel on roads that have existed for over 100 years. Some say better late than never. 2015 just may be the year that JTA's dreams for a bus that operates with 10 to 15 minute headways become reality.

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Groundbreaking for Jax's Bus Rapid Transit

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