Changing the Urban Landscape in 2015

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In 2014, the redevelopment in and around downtown finally kicked into an extra gear. Looking forward to 2015, here are five projects and points of discussion that have the potential Mayor Alvin Brown would say... "take Jacksonville to the next level".

4. Time to $#*! or Get Off the Downtown Redevelopment Pot

They say downtown revitalization is a marathon and not a sprint. While we agree, marathons shouldn't last for 40 years. Traditionally, Jacksonville has blown a lot of hot air when it comes to talking about downtown revitalization. When the time arrives to put our money where our mouth has been, we've been a no show. Now we're in a situation where one of the most transformational projects proposed, in the heart of downtown, in decades could sink or swim depending on Jacksonville's leaders coming through. We'll find out soon enough if it's time for us to get off the pot.

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