5 Places That Prove We Don't Build Them Like We Used To

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They say we don't build them like we used to. Here's five places around town that suggest this saying may be true.

3. St. James Building

Today the flagship May-Cohens store lives on as Jacksonville City Hall.

The St. James Building was and still is considered one of the most distinctive buildings in Jacksonville.  It's considered Architect H.J. Klutho's Prairie School masterpiece, combining the design principles of Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan into his own personal creation. When it was completed in 1912, for the Cohen Brothers, it was the 9th-largest department store in the United States and third largest building in Jacksonville.  It's 102 years later and the stores at St. Johns Town Center still can't compete with this.

May-Cohens in 1961.

Cohen's display counters showing "Florida fashions" in 1935.

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