Video: Reliving the Roosevelt Hotel Fire of 1963

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This Jacksonville Fire Fighter's video captures rare footage of the city's deadliest day, December 29th, 1963. The day of the Roosevelt Hotel (now, The Carling) Fire in Downtown Jacksonville which claimed the life of JFD Chief James Romedy. While 21 people died, the Jacksonville Fire Department saved 475 people.

The Carling (old Roosevelt) Today

Named after Carling L. Dinkler, vice president of the Dinkler Hotel Co., the Carling opened its doors in 1926. On the night of December 29, 1963, a fire killed 22 people in the hotel, which was filled with visitors for the Gator Bowl game the following day. With the help of the Historic Preservation Trust Fund, the Carling has been restored into urban highrise residential apartment building.

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