Murray Hill: Past, Present and Future

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Metro Jacksonville's Ennis Davis and Stephen Dare share the past, present and future of Jacksonville's Murray Hill neighborhood.



With its proximity to popular Riverside/Avondale, current national trends and its present day physical assets, there is a great possibility that Murray Hill's Edgewood Avenue could become on of urban Jacksonville's next emerging walkable districts.


Murray Hill also is in position to benefit from projects that will make it more multimodal friendly.  One example is the 2030 Mobility Plan, which intends to generate $500,000 to transform Edgewood Avenue into a "Context Sensitve Street" featuring bike lanes from Avondale to Post Street.


The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) also has plans to construct a $25 million Bus Rapid Transit line through the neighborhood by 2020. This will provide Murray Hill's residents with premium, limited stop bus service to Orange Park and Downtown.


Long term, JTA's plans include constructing a commuter rail line, which will make it a six minute ride by rail from Murray Hill to Downtown.


In conclusion, the future of Murray Hill can be whatever its residents want their community to become. The Oak Cliff community in Dallas, TX, is great example of a neighborhood that has accomplished greatest by thinking small to implement large scale positive changes in a relatively short period of time.

Article by Ennis Davis, AICP and Stephen Dare. Article is an October 2013 power point presentation by Metro Jacksonville, Inc.

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