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EatDrinkJax.com shares their interview with Backstreets Catering Food Truck

Chicken on the rotisserie

10. Can you describe your Philly Sandwich?

It starts with shaved rib-eye. If you're in Philadelphia and someone serves you a cheesesteak that’s not made with rib-eye they’ll probably be run out of town. That’s what they use in Philadelphia - a thin-shaved rib-eye. You don’t want to have to rip the meat apart either - that’s why we chop it up as we’re cooking it. It’s easily eaten and it’s lean because the fat melts away as it’s cooked. Our Phillys come with caramelized, grilled onions and green peppers. All of our sandwiches are served on buns from Cinotti’s Bakery.

Philly Cheesesteak

11. Why did you choose Cinotti’s Bakery for your buns?

We knew what we wanted in terms of the bread we needed for our sandwiches. We wanted a sub roll with a thin, crusty layer on the outside to give it a bit of crustiness, but then with a nice, soft interior. To find the right bun we ate a lot of bread from a lot of local bakeries. We had been steered towards Cinotti’s by locals, and when we tried them we knew right away that Cinotti’s had what we wanted.

12. What’s the Tiajuana?

It’s a quesadilla, but it’s a little different from the American concept. We use a corn tortilla, which is traditional to Mexico, rather than a flour tortilla. We melt a blend of cheeses and fold the tortilla in half. We serve three quesadillas with cups of sour cream and salsa for dipping. You can also add pork to it, from the rotisserie, with a touch of salsa - that's how most folks like them best. It’s nice and crisp on the outside and ooey, gooey good on the inside.

Tiajuana Quesadillas

13. Will you be serving breakfast?

With the Beaches opening up to food trucks, we’re hoping to serve on weekend mornings and late nights - breakfast will be an option, for sure. We had a regular breakfast service in Virginia, and it was quite popular. Recently, we brought back our breakfast favorites on Sunday mornings at Palm Cover Marina on the Intercoastal waterway (map).

14. What do you have for breakfast?

We have a Breakfast Burrito which has a very good chorizo for the meat and real, fresh eggs that are beaten to order with cheese and salsa. In addition, we cook eggs to order, offer bacon and sausage and fire up hashbrown potatoes - we can prepare breakfast sandwiches or full breakfast meals with these.

15. What’s the most popular item on the truck?

It’s 50-50 with the Philly Cheesesteak edging out the Memphis Pulled Pork Sandwich by just a bit. Everyone has their own favorite place for barbecue and we’re slowing winning over our own fans, but our cheesesteak is very unique in this market, and time after time people tell us that we have one of the only authentic Philly Cheesesteaks outside city limits. So we’re probably building our biggest following around the cheesesteak. If you’re from the North, it’s a piece of home. So, that’s probably our biggest claim to fame.

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