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EatDrinkJax.com shares their interview with Backstreets Catering Food Truck

Road Trip Salsa

6. What’s a good item to highlight your salsa?

The Memphis Pulled Pork Sandwich. Our unique spin on the traditional pulled pork barbecue sandwich is to add our Road Trip Salsa along with a traditional barbecue sauce. It gives a little flavor and heat that you won’t find anywhere else. That comes on top of the pork itself, which starts with our own special rub and then gets smoked until it falls off the bone. The way we smoke it makes the pork really tender. Some people assume it must be fatty to be that tender, but it’s not - it’s actually quite lean - it’s the type of meat we use and the smoking process that makes the meat tender.

Memphis Pulled-Pork Sandwich

7. Do you smoke on location?

Trip: Yes. When I pull up to do lunch at an office building I’ll arrive early and throw on the meat and chicken. Sometimes, when people order, I pull their lunch right off the smoker.

8. Why did you decide to make the smoker a part of the truck?

Trip: When I was looking for a truck I went online and looked at a few different websites. When I saw a truck that had this giant rotisserie on the back I knew right away that I had to have it. That sucked me in, then I built the inside around what I wanted to do with the rotisserie. I love the rotisserie. It’s 72 inches wide and holds 450 pounds of meat on 6 shelves that rotate around the inside. It’s really a wonderful piece of equipment. It smokes with a combination of wood and hardwood lump charcoal. It does everything, including vegetables. When I was in Virginia I used to load the rotisserie up and do everything there - zucchini, squash, asparagus, broccoli, sweet potatoes, new potatoes - everything went in the smoker and came out perfectly.

Trip Shriver and the smoker

9. Can you tell us about your Buffalo style chicken?

We start by marinating bone-in chicken thighs in our homemade hot sauce overnight. In the morning we smoke the chicken on our rotisserie - nothing is deep fried - and then we serve three bone-in thighs with a dipping sauce that’s either hot or not-so-hot. The rotisserie adds a smoky, hot flavor and it’s much healthier than deep frying.

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