Five Local Restaurants on the Verge of Major Expansions

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Here's a brief look at five popular local restaurants with aggressive expansion plans over the next few months.

Burrito Gallery

Earlier this year, the owners of Burrito Gallery and Uptown Market, the Gallery Restaurant Group, announced
that John Valentino, owner of four Mellow Mushroom pizza restaurants in Jacksonville, had joined as an equity partner and the new CEO of the operation. According to Burrito Gallery co-founder Paul Shockey in an April 2014 Jax Daily Record article, “We think our product is duplicable…. We were looking for an equity partner or an investor. John also brings knowledge and expertise.” Now possible locations for future restaurant locations are already being evaluated. A year from now, you may have multiple locations to get your Burrito Gallery fix.  Among the more interesting signs of vitality are the recent expansions of the Uptown Diner and Burrito Gallery concepts to both the East and West Clubs at the Jaguars Stadium.  (score more points for locally sourcing the venues on the part of the Stadium.)

The Formula: They offer fresh hand made all natural tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and salads. They also feature an Urb Garden Bar with skyline views and occasional live entertainment.

Number of Locations: 2 (Downtown, Jacksonville Beach)

Lunch for One: $10-$15

Menu Highlights: Cajun Shrimp Taco and Queso Dip.

Tasting Notes: Founded in early 2005, the Burrito Gallery has been voted best burrito in Jacksonville every year the category has existed.

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