Revised Fuller Warren Bridge Plans Revealed

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In December 2013, Metro Jacksonville was the first to publicly raise questions about the Florida Department of Transportation's (FDOT) plans to widen the Fuller Warren Bridge without including provisions for a pedestrian/cycling crossing between Riverside and San Marco. Well, the extra eye of scrutiny worked and Jacksonville will be a better place for it. Today, revised plans for Fuller Warren Bridge & I-95/I-10 interchange were released.

Alternative 2 Plans (FDOT's Preferred Alternative) revealed:

Alternative 2 (Preferred by FDOT) is also similar to Alternatives 1A and 1B. However, Alternative 2 eliminates the need for constructing the fly-over/under at Roosevelt Boulevard. The current excessive lane changing is due to the mixing of I-95 northbound and I-95 southbound traffic going to I-10 west and Roosevelt Boulevard. The lane changing will be substantially reduced as the I-95 southbound traffic going to Roosevelt Boulevard will be placed on the left side of the I-95 northbound to westbound ramp and will not be required to change lanes. Similarly, the I-95 southbound traffic going to I-10 west will be placed on the right side of the I-95 northbound to westbound ramp, thereby allowing all I-10 westbound traffic to move more freely.  The alternative includes constructing an additional fly-over within the I-95/I-10 interchange to overpass the relocated I-95 southbound traffic and retain the I-95 northbound traffic to exit onto Stockton Street.

Eastbound I-10 to Southbound I-95
Same as Alternative 1A.

Northbound I-95 to Westbound I-10
Same as Alternative 1A except the fly-over is replaced with the ramp modifications/additions within the I-95/I-10 interchange.

Fuller Warren Bridge update by Ennis Davis, AICP. Contact Ennis at

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