Revised Fuller Warren Bridge Plans Revealed

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In December 2013, Metro Jacksonville was the first to publicly raise questions about the Florida Department of Transportation's (FDOT) plans to widen the Fuller Warren Bridge without including provisions for a pedestrian/cycling crossing between Riverside and San Marco. Well, the extra eye of scrutiny worked and Jacksonville will be a better place for it. Today, revised plans for Fuller Warren Bridge & I-95/I-10 interchange were released.

Alternative 1B Plans revealed:

Alternative 1B (Not Preferred by FDOT) is similar to Alternative 1A, however, the Roosevelt Boulevard fly-over is replaced with a ramp that goes under reconstructed I-10 (I-10 has to be reconstructed and raised approximately 20 feet higher than its present elevation to allow the ramp under). This alternative addresses all of the concerns listed above. The major traffic components of this alternative are:

Eastbound I-10 to Southbound I-95
Same as Alternative 1A

Northbound I-95 to Westbound I-10
Same as Alternative 1A except the Roosevelt fly-over ramp is replaced with a ramp passing under I-10 at Roosevelt.

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