Under Construction in Springfield: Summer 2013

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According to MySpringfield.org, "The Springfield historic district is nothing if not a work in progress. It’s that “transitional” label that signals work yet to be done, a diverse citizenry, and great opportunity. Markers of progress include new construction development and renovation of our existing historic structures. So what does this progress look like in the Summer of 2013? Here’s a snap shot:"

Renovations in Progress

Left unattended, all structures decay. That much is certain. You can walk down most streets in the neighborhood and see the results of absentee property owners.

Although new projects from the ground up are always exciting, improving the existing housing stock in the historic district is just as, if not more, important for the continued revitalization of the community. As of July 2013, here’s some of the renovations and home improvment work visible from the street within the historic district. Large or small, total or touch up, on schedule or years in the making, it’s all progress.

Guest article by Bill Hoff and MySpringfield.Org: http://www.myspringfield.org/business-development/under-construction-summer-2013

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