Under Construction in Springfield: Summer 2013

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According to MySpringfield.org, "The Springfield historic district is nothing if not a work in progress. It’s that “transitional” label that signals work yet to be done, a diverse citizenry, and great opportunity. Markers of progress include new construction development and renovation of our existing historic structures. So what does this progress look like in the Summer of 2013? Here’s a snap shot:"

New Construction

There are more new single family homes under construction now than any time since the housing market crash. A multifamily development is set to break ground in this Fall as well, the first such project since the Third & Main complex was completed in 2009.

Low Country Classics purchased dozens of lots in 2012 to build single family homes, the first in the midst of construction now on E. 5th Street. John Wells, partner in Low Country Classics and long-time Springfield supporter, has 27 years of building experience all over the North Florida / South Georgia region, and specializes in creating homes with character and old world craftsmanship.

“We like to build homes that matter and that will stand the test of time. We don’t build stucco boxes, and we aren’t the cheapest. But we are the best. We produce a quality product at a fair price, and we love Springfield”, Wells proudly describes.

(Low Country Classics new home on E. 5th Street)

TerraWise Homes is literally brand new, recently created to start building eco-friendly, “net zero” homes in Springfield. But David Shacter, President and founder, isn’t new to the field.

“I was one of the lucky home builders who got out of the business just before the bubble burst. We sold our company in 2005 and had a no compete clause since,” Shacter explained.

“But we’re ready to build again, and we wanted to do something different. I’m sort of a tree hugging developer, so we decided to embrace that ideology and build net-zero homes - homes that create as much energy as they use, through ultra energy efficient building materials and strategically placed solar panels. We thought the type of person that would be interested in this type of home would also be attracted to the historic district. Both are different”.

(Two new construction homes by TerraWise on Liberty Street)

Operation New Hope, an organization that builds affordable housing, is set to break ground in the Fall on a multi-family development at 122 W. 8th Street. Plans for the two story, 14 unit apartment complex are being finalized now.

(Future site of muti-family development on W. 8th Street)


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