What the Mobility Fee can do for Downtown Jacksonville

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According to the recently released JAX 2025 survey, a better downtown is at the top of the wish list of its 14,016 respondents. However, Councilman Richard Clark's proposed three year moratorium of the mobility fee could stunt the redevelopment of downtown Jacksonville and leave the average taxpayer carrying the financial burden it leaves behind.

1. Mobility Fee incentivizes infill and redevelopment projects

While those opposed claim the mobility fee kills private sector development, the opposite is true.  The mobility fee is a mechanism that guides development to be fiscally sustainable for the City of Jacksonville in the long term.  It forces new development to cover the cost of its negative impact on existing publicly funded infrastructure.  On the other hand, the Mobility Fee's credit adjustment system incentivizes development projects that invest in infill and redevelopment sites where sufficient public infrastructure to support said development already is in place.

With the amount of infrastructure already invested in downtown, it's an environment where every project, large or small, would be considered infill or redevelopment.

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