Jacksonville's Hole in the Wall Restaurants, Part IV

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Four places to try and one to avoid.

This picture doesn't do the food justice.

Clara's at the Cathedral

You have one two hour opportunity, 11AM to 1PM, every Friday to try Clara's at the Cathedral at the St. John's Cathedral downtown.

The weekly event is organized by Clara White Mission, which has such a deeply connected and amazing history.

Their food is served buffet style and the menu changes every week. I had the opportunity to visit just before Thanksgiving. So, of course, it was a Thanksgiving theme.

Turkey was moist.

One of the best stuffings I have had.

Gravy was smooth and delicious.  

The cathedral is beautiful with high and arched wooden ceilings...which makes the food that much more enjoyable.

$10 gets you a in. Link to Weekly Menu

Read Clara White's Mission history here.
More about St. John's Cathedral.

St. John's Cathedral
256 E. Church St.
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Fri 11 am - 1 pm

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