Jacksonville's Hole in the Wall Restaurants, Part IV

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Four places to try and one to avoid.

Mi Tierra

First, find the right door to enter. There are about half a dozen. Some are locked and some aren't.

If you decide to go to the grocery store you should know it's a little messy over there but the grocery store is where you get to order some very tasty chicharones. It's also where you will see the the cooking happening (which is clean and organized).

The tacos were awesome but like most taco places in jax the meat was a bit dry. The tortillas are doubled up and the salsa that comes with it complements all of the elements very well. I love beef tongue and when it's in a corn tortilla with fresh cilantro and raw onions my day is exponentially better.

My suggestion: don't eat a pound of the chicharones. That's rarely a good idea even when they are good.

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