Who is TEDxJacksonville?

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Presenting the TEDxJacksonville team.

Sheena Koshy - The Experience manager at TEDxJacksonville. She works
to make sure the audience has the best experience, both online and on the
day of the events.

Rose Marie Alarcon - Rose Marie helps our audience recognize and engage
 with other intellectual explorers. She also encourage you to share your
 stories, thoughts, ideas and engage in the TEDxJacksonville experience.

Emily Knight - She shares the ideas of TED and the story of TEDxJacksonville
by creating dialogue within the community, through social media.

Sarah Weaver - Sarah tweets, Instagrams, and Facebooks (yes, she uses
"Facebook" as a verb) to spread the word about TEDxJacksonville to our community.
 Like it!

Tom Gentry - He works meticulously to curate our audience. This involves
helping make sure the audience has the right tools to register, attend and
enjoy the event.  

Karin Tucker - Karin uses her creativity and her savvy skills to ensure
TEDxJacksonville audience are in for a unique gastronomic

Bridget McDonald - Bridget is part of our fearless two-person catering team.
She makes sure our audience is fed right.

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