Who is TEDxJacksonville?

Presenting the TEDxJacksonville team.

Published August 4, 2013 in Culture - MetroJacksonville.com

The team at TedxJacksonville is phenomenal. They're pulling together events that will be referenced and valued for years to come.

The platform they are building for our city will invariably become a launching pad for Jacksonville TEDx speakers into regional, national and international conversations.

Doug Coleman - The lucky one who brought this incredible team together
and he loves what they are doing to bring important ideas to inspire change
in Jacksonville.

Sabeen Perwaiz -  The Executive Producer for TEDxJacksonville,
responsible for bringing you the best event possible on October 26th.

Krysten Bennett - Our resident theatre junkie, facilitates our set design
and serves as stage manager for the October 26th TEDx Jacksonville event.

Jane Condon - She is passionate about helping build Jacksonville into a
great city where arts, culture, and intellectual dialogue flourish. She has
found her niche working on the TEDx team, where she helps coach speakers.

Carol Grimes - Carol thinks the impact of the TED movement is its power
to change the world through enlightenment in a way that nothing else can.
She is excited to serve as coach for speakers and provides guidelines for the
other coaches.

Tayloe McDonald - Though banned from cooking in three states she is still
allowed to coach TEDx|Jacksonville presenters and does so enthusiastically.

Barbara Moulding -Uses her amazing expertise to help facilitate and
coach our speakers. She makes sure our speakers have all they need to do
their job.

Gary Becka - Regards TEDxJacksonville as illustrative of our community’s
vitality for a bold future. He is honored to be a part of TEDxJacksonville,
where he functions as a performer liaison.

Jeff Spear - Jeff is the Media Liaison for TEDxJacksonville. In his role,
he does everything he can to keep the spirit and influence of "Ideas Worth
Sharing" alive and well in Jacksonville.

Michael O'Connell - As TEDxJacksonville's brand manager he helps make
us look amazing online, on paper and everywhere our brand goes.  

Jeanmarie Grimsley - Jeanmarie views TEDxJacksonville as a platform for
showcasing the incredible pool of innovative, inspiring people who enrich this
city and make its future so bright.

Sarah Clarke Stuart -  While she is not improvising, Sarah works to recruit
support from local businesses and forge partnerships with other like-minded
organizations for TEDxJacksonville.

Tiffany Manning - Tiffany Manning, TEDxJacksonville's official photographer,
loves people and works to preserve moments in time that would
otherwise be forgotten.

Asghar Syed - He is our technology director and makes sure everything
runs smoothly for our speakers, audience and team members during our
day-long conference.

Mark McCombs - The team's Techno Wizard, provides day-of support for the
producers, as well as help with set design and general help in the production
of our events.

Ron Hubbard - TEDxJacksonville's resident creative. His strategic eye helps
make TEDxJacksonville events an innovative space to attend and engage in.

Sheena Koshy - The Experience manager at TEDxJacksonville. She works
to make sure the audience has the best experience, both online and on the
day of the events.

Rose Marie Alarcon - Rose Marie helps our audience recognize and engage
 with other intellectual explorers. She also encourage you to share your
 stories, thoughts, ideas and engage in the TEDxJacksonville experience.

Emily Knight - She shares the ideas of TED and the story of TEDxJacksonville
by creating dialogue within the community, through social media.

Sarah Weaver - Sarah tweets, Instagrams, and Facebooks (yes, she uses
"Facebook" as a verb) to spread the word about TEDxJacksonville to our community.
 Like it!

Tom Gentry - He works meticulously to curate our audience. This involves
helping make sure the audience has the right tools to register, attend and
enjoy the event.  

Karin Tucker - Karin uses her creativity and her savvy skills to ensure
TEDxJacksonville audience are in for a unique gastronomic

Bridget McDonald - Bridget is part of our fearless two-person catering team.
She makes sure our audience is fed right.

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