Hole in the Wall Restaurants, Part II

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Five more "hole in the wall restaurants" you should try.

Photo courtesy of forum member peestandingup

Tommy's Diner

I think we found the most hole in the wall restaurant in Jacksonville. So much so that the owner accepted press coverage from First Coast News under the condition that their address would not be published or shared.

Read this excerpt from an online directory:

The best kept breakfast secret in Jacksonville, Tommy's makes old fashioned breakfast food for the working man (or woman). A very unique environment, Tommy's has no public phone number, no address, no website - all word of mouth. Just South of 6th & Walnut Street.

In the MetroJacksonville.com forums there is a Tommy's Diner thread in which several people make it clear that they are unabashed fans.

Tommy's Diner is open only for breakfast, from 6 am to 11 am. They don't sell beer before 7am and if you don't like their food or service a sign on the wall says you should go down the street to Krystals.

1580 Walnut Street
Jacksonville, FL, 32206

Mon - Fri  6 am - 11 am

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